How I became an elephant


Feature-length documentary by Tim Gorski and Synthian Sharp

In ‘How I Became an Elephant’, 14 year-old Juliette redefines the typical coming of age story with her genuine passion and concern for the world’s largest land mammal.

This up-close-and-personal documentary, shot on location in Thailand and Burma, lets viewers experience a  firsthand and admittedly uncomfortable look at the corruption and lawlessness that surrounds the treatment of captive elephants. It doesn’t take long before realising that these seemingly resilient animals feel great pain and anguish when held against their will and forced to perform and live in large cities.

Determined to make a difference and inspire a movement, Juliette teams up with her hero, Lek Chailret, a seasoned animal advocate, otherwise known as the Elephant Lady. Together the two spread their message of compassion and aim to inspire audiences around the world and locally in South East Asia.

She hopes to expose the dark history and current practices in so-called elephant care. But ultimately Juliette intends to raise awareness, invoke change, and inspire youth to choose a cause that is dear to their heart and commit to doing something about it.


Watch the trailer online: