SALUTE – The Story Behind the Image

A Matt Norman Film

saluteAt the 1968 Olympics, two Americans and an Australian ran the fastest 200m in history. What they did next shook the world.

SALUTE is about that famous Black Power salute at the Mexico Olympics in 1968 when American track athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood on the podium to receive their medals for coming first and third in the 200 metre dash.

The repercussions were immediate. They were banished from the US olympic team and were subject to abuse and death threats on their return home.

The third man on the dais had a similar experience, Australian silver medalist Peter Norman, who as punishment for his support of Smith and Carlos was reprimanded by the authorities and never ran for his country again.

The documentary, which was made by Peter Norman’s nephew Matt Norman, is fascinating as it delves into the history of that moment. It is a reminder of how the world was only forty years ago.

And it is shocking how that moment affected the sporting careers of all three.

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