Aqua – a dance with nature

On Sunday 15th May at 3:30pm at The Butter Factory in Cobargo, filmmakers Toni & Bettina will present AQUA, as well as a mini documentary made about their trip to Copenhagen.


In 2009, South Coast Filmmakers Toni Houston and Bettina Richter took their music film about the Great Barrier Reef to Copenhagen as part of ‘COP15’, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark. Toni and Bettina were the only Australians to have an event selected as part of the COP15 Official Cultural Calendar.

Now with the future of the Great Barrier Reef in crisis due to the recent mass coral bleaching event, destroying more than 1000km of reef as a result of climate change, the GBR is in more danger than ever.

AquaTurtleAQUA was the brainchild of Toni Houston and was produced by Bettina Richter with their production company Wish Bone Films, on the far south coast of NSW. Fusing the Emmy award-winning underwater cinematography of David Hannan with the percussive beats of one of Europe’s biggest dance acts – Safri Duo – it tells the history of the Great Barrier Reef, without words.

AQUA aimed to inspire government leaders to reduce carbon emissions, activate community support, and build better conservation practices on the reef. It was sponsored by Pyramid Power, the Australian Embassy in Copenhagen, the University of Copenhagen and many other local businesses and community members and screened at Parliament House Canberra, Screen Australia studios Sydney, and locally to schools and the community in the Bega Valley. In Copenhagen, the film screened with Safri Duo playing live to the film. It was quite an experience.

Don’t miss this chance to watch AQUA, meet the filmmakers and hear about the state of the Great Barrier Reef.

Watch the trailer online:


foto credit Thomas Sjkold