Alexandra Seddon – Being Change

Sunday, January 15th will be the next monthly community documentary screening in the Old Cobargo Butter Factory at 3.30pm


Alexandra Seddon – Being Change
A film by Toni Houston

Alexandra Seddon will be present and answer Q&A after the screening !
All donations will go to Potoroo Palace

Alexandra Seddon – Being Change is a new documentary by acclaimed local filmmaker Toni Houston about the life and legacy of one of the South Coast’s most inspiring visionaries.

Described by audiences as ‘inspirational’ and ‘fascinating’ and a ‘remarkable film’, this is the compelling life story of the woman behind native animal educational sanctuary Potoroo Palace, the stunning 77 hectares of wetlands at Pambula ‘Panboola’, and Candelo’s iconic 40 year old community farm, Cowsnest.

Alexandra Seddon has dedicated her life to conservation, education and community but little is known about this remarkable woman.

Humble, gently spoken and quietly driven, Alexandra Seddon is now aged 72, her Bald Hills home guarding one of the last flying fox sanctuaries in the Bega Valley. Despite suffering great loss and challenges throughout her life, she continues to put community and conservation first and work tirelessly to create a better world.

Produced with a team of local film industry professionals, and with a soundtrack by Kate Burke and Pete Wild, Alexandra Seddon – Being Change is a film about hope and the power of one individual to make change, and will inspire, move and transform all to protect and preserve our planet.