Play The Documentary


Sunday, February 19th will be the next monthly community documentary screening in the Old Cobargo Butter Factory at 3.30pm


A film by Matty Steinkamp

Play The Documentary has one single goal and that is to inspire more people to play music.  What would our world be like without music?  What if we never learned to play?

This independent crowdfunded film features musicians and educators from all over the world sharing their talents and their stories.

Play covers writers, makers, producers, students, teachers and a whole bunch of passionate people with one thing in common, they love music !

The documentary focuses on the importance of music education in public schools and the values and lessons that are being taught right now. Play showcases amazing people doing wonderful things to help keep music in schools and accessible to our children.

“There is an ongoing battle to find funding for Arts and Music in education. I hope this film allows us all to see the importance of music and that our children deserve the right to play”, Matty Steinkamp

“If we want our children to live in a harmonious world, we have to invest in harmony.” – David Wish Little Kids Rock