How to cook your life

Sunday, January 14th will be the next monthly community documentary screening in the Old Cobargo Butter Factory at 3.30pm

Find Nirvana in the Kitchen with Zen Chef Edward Espe Brown


HOW TO COOK YOUR LIFE is a cheerful documentary about the art of cooking and the art of cooking your life without burning it, putting too much salt in, or over-cooking it.

Doris Dörrie and the cooking Zen priest Edward Espe Brown demonstrate that eating is more than just the intake of food. Cooking is a festival of senses, and an act of love and generosity. Like a fly on the wall the camera captures the flour-covered wooden table, the dough, the radishes, oranges and carrots. One learns to understand the anatomy and liveliness of yeast as cakes, pizza, and bread are baked. The camera joins the lectures of Edward Espe Brown, which are based on the ancient tradition of Zen master Dogen, the founder of the Soto Zen School. Already in 1283 Dogen wrote a cookbook in which he encourages his readers to discover Buddha in simple kitchen chores, like washing the rice or kneading dough.

chefEdward Espe Brown is a happy priest, but for sure no saint. Practical and entertaining, he knows how to translate the philosophical thoughts into today’s zeitgeist. What is the meaning of cooking and eating for the community and the individual? Is cooking a political act? How does cooking reflect our attitude toward life and the world?

To him, the whole world can be found in a watermelon. In his pots, rivers and mountains are cooked.


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