Sunday, March 18th will be the next monthly community documentary screening in the Old Cobargo Butter Factory at 3.30pm

A Film by Lori Joyce and Candice Orlando

Award-winning film documents women working for social and environmental change.


Arise, takes a less dogmatic, more compassionate route than many of its environmental activist counterparts, despite their shared message of the necessity for urgent change. By celebrating the women of this movement, their cultures, and the already thriving and significant work being accomplished toward goals of Earth democracy, biodiversity, and gender equality, Arise is an important film for its promotion of global unity and progress through the support of women and girls, and specifically, Mother Nature.

The film introduces several women from around the globe who work doing everything from establishing restorative seed banks to transforming dumps to city parks to building strong communities. The film roams the planet from Kenya, Ecuador, India, the Bronx and Denver, With stories of Judy Nyguthi Kimamo, Majora Carter, Winona LaDuke, Monica Chuji, Starhawk, Theo Colborn, Aida Shibli, Vandana Shiva.

Both Orlando and Joyce expressed a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to create Arise. “We wanted to make a film that spoke to our own love for the Earth and I believe we accomplished this and much more. The women in the film made choices, even through many hardships, to respect and fight for human and environmental rights. We each have our own roles we can play when we make the choice to do things differently.”