Sunday, September 16th will be the next monthly community documentary screening in the Old Cobargo Butter Factory at 3.30pm, a beautiful local film with the film maker present!

Dom-titleA feature film by Kim Beamish

The oyster has been called the canary in the estuary…

… for the death of an oyster can reveal environmental changes or pollution that might have gone unnoticed.

– Kim Beamish, filmmaker.

OYSTER is a feature length documentary capturing the daily routines, chaos and drama of a lively, hard-working second generation oyster farming family on Merimbula Lake on the south-east coast of Australia.

familyBy documenting a specific microcosm of a farming family on Australia’s south-east coast, OYSTER presents its audience with a story, a landscape, an environment and characters who face practical, ethical and personal decisions about things that matter to them – feeding their family, getting the boys to school, running the farm, looking after the lake, keeping their crop of oysters healthy and figuring out whether harvesting new crops will protect their livelihood.

This local story goes to the heart of matters of global urgency – climate, sustainability, farming, the health, livelihood and education of rural communities, and the challenges and uncertainties that come with farming a luxury product.

Director Kim Beamish – who will be present for a Q&A after the screening – said his film tells the story of climate change from the perspective of the people who are most affected.