Thunder and Dust – a year with Sapphire Speedway

Sunday, February 17th will be the next monthly community documentary screening in the Old Cobargo Butter Factory at 3.30pm

Thunder and Dust – a year with Sapphire Speedway
Director Andrew Moore and Producer Fiona Scott


In the 1970s there were over 700 speedways in Australia. Today there are less than 90. Thunder and Dust is the story of one of those speedways. Nestled in the heart of the Bega Valley is Sapphire Speedway, built and managed by generations of volunteers for the last 45 years.

Thunder and Dust is dedicated to the group of people that strives to keep their 45-year club afloat while dealing with natural disasters, regulations, insurances, and lack of money.

“When I first got involved with Sapphire Speedway as Race Secretary, I never dreamed that I would end up making a documentary about the club”, says Director, Andrew Moore.

“But the more I learned about the history, the setbacks and the superhuman efforts the members put in each and every meeting, the more I felt the story needed to be told.”