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by Adam Pesce


In the 1980s, an Australian pilot called Crazy Tas landed on the shores of Papua New Guinea. He brought with him a surfboard. The villagers of Vanimo didn’t realise at the time, but this was the start of something that would change their town forever.

Bellyboarding had been a popular pastime for generations, but they’d never seen a modern surfboard ride the waves like this before. When Crazy Tas left, he gave his board to the local people – and so began Papua New Guinea’s obsession with surfing. Soon locals were making their own roughly-shaped boards out of broken wooden canoes and called them ‘splinters’.

Now 27 years later, the country has over 500 dedicated surfers and dozens of established surf clubs. Every year, the National Surf Championships are held to decide who is the best surfer on Papua New Guinea. For these men and women, this isn’t just the chance to surf internationally – it’s a ticket to escape the island and start a new life. But with the pressure to succeed comes a whole new form of rivalry…


Since the film was originally released in 2011, there has been a lot of changes in Papua New Guinea. Splinters shows the amazingly resourceful side of the people of Papua New Guinea, but it also opened our eyes to the deeper goings on within these tribal communities.
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