Ranger to Ranger

Sunday, September 15th will be the next monthly community documentary screening in the Old Cobargo Butter Factory at 3.30pm


Ranger to Ranger by Rhys Graham

Around the world, a thin green line of men and women sacrifice their lives to protect the world’s most vulnerable creatures and ecosystems.

Ranger to Ranger is a heart-warming documentary film that follows the epic journey of nine Indigenous Australian Rangers, along with acclaimed Indigenous musician Dan Sultan, as they travel to Kenya, Africa, to share knowledge, culture and music with a group of Maasai Community Rangers.

greenlinelogoTogether with AFI Award winning writer and filmmaker Rhys Graham of Daybreak Films, The Thin Green Line Foundation is proud to tell the often-untold experiences, stories and sacrifices of Rangers worldwide.

Watch the trailer at www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzyJliKosxg