In Our Hands; Seeding Change

The next monthly community documentary screening The
In Our Hands; Seeding Change will be at 3.30 pm on Sunday 15 December in the Old Cobargo Butter Factory.

Gerald wheat hands
In Our Hands; Seeding Change
by Black Bark Films commissioned by the Land Workers’ Alliance (LWA).

All change begins with a story and In Our Hands is the story of the farmers who, through hope, hard-graft and sheer bloody mindedness are refusing to be victims of history. This one hour documentary takes you on a journey across the fields of Britain, past the orchards of forgotten fruit and through the fields of ancient grains. The film reveals both the wisdom of the old and the innovations of the young, who are bringing back the worm to the soil, the ‘culture’ to ‘agriculture,’ and the flavour to the tomato! We stand on a brink, the swallows are departing, but the future of this land is still In Our Hands